1. Code of conduct

1.1 Preamble

Sit SteuerungsTechnik is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility on a worldwide basis. This Code of Conduct on Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter referred to as "CoC") provides a guideline as to what this means, in particular with regard to working conditions, social acceptability and environmental compatibility, transparency, cooperation in a spirit of mutual trust, and dialogue.

1.2 Basic understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility

This CoC is based on a basic understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility. This means that Sit SteuerungsTechnik assumes responsibility by considering the consequences of its business decisions and actions from an economic, technological, social and ecological point of view, and by appropriately balancing interests.

1.3 Scope

  • This CoC applies to top management and to all managerial staff and other employees of Sit SteuerungsTechnik.
  • Sit SteuerungsTechnik undertakes to also promote compliance with the content of this CoC among its suppliers and in the further value chain in the context of their respective possibilities and spheres of action.

1.4 Cornerstones of Corporate Social Responsibility

Sit SteuerungsTechnik actively works to ensure that the values and principles identified below are observed and complied with on a long-term basis.

1.4.1 Compliance with legislation

Sit SteuerungsTechnik complies with the applicable legislation and other legal regulations of the countries in which it is active.

1.4.2 Integrity and Organizational Governance

  • Sit SteuerungsTechnik bases its actions on generally accepted ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, honesty, respect for human dignity, openness and the absence of any discrimination on the basis of religion, belief, gender and ethics.
  • Sit SteuerungsTechnik is against all forms of corruption and bribery in accordance with the relevant UN conventions. The company promotes transparency, integrity, and responsible management and control in the company in an appropriate manner.
  • Sit SteuerungsTechnik pursues clean and accepted business practices and fair competition. The company competes on the basis of professional conduct and quality work. The company maintains cooperative and trusting relationships with supervisory authorities.

1.4.3 Interests of consumers

As far as the interests of consumers are concerned, Sit SteuerungsTechnik complies with all consumer-protection regulations and with appropriate sales, marketing and information practices. Particular attention is paid to groups that require extra protection (e.g. young people).

1.4.4 Communications

Sit SteuerungsTechnik communicates transparently to, and is always open to enter into a dialogue with, its employees, customers, suppliers, and other groups of stakeholders about the requirements of this CoC and its implementation. All documents and records are prepared as required, are not illicitly altered or destroyed, and are stored properly. Trade secrets and business information of our partners are treated confidentially and with all due care.

1.4.5 Human rights

Sit SteuerungsTechnik is actively committed to the promotion of human rights. It respects human rights in accordance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights:
  • Protection of people's privacy
  • Safeguarding of health and safety at work, in particular ensuring a safe and healthy working environment in order to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Protection of employees from physical punishment and from physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse
  • Protection and safeguarding of the right to freedom of opinion and expression

1.4.6 Working conditions

Sit SteuerungsTechnik complies with the following key labour standards of the International Labour Organization:
  • The prohibition of child labour, i.e. the employment of people of less than 15 years old, unless local legislation sets higher age limits and unless exceptions are permitted.
  • The prohibition of forced labour of any kind.
  • Labour standards with regard to remuneration, in particular with regard to the level of remuneration in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Respect for workers’ rights to freedom of association, freedom of assembly and collective bargaining, to the extent that this is legally allowed and possible in the country in question.
  • Equal treatment of all employees.

1.4.7 Working hours

Sit SteuerungsTechnik complies with the working standards regarding the maximum permissible working hours.

1.4.8 Environmental protection

Sit SteuerungsTechnik complies with environmental protection regulations and standards, and acts in an environmentally aware manner at all locations. The company also handles natural resources responsibly.

1.4.9 Civic engagement

Sit SteuerungsTechnik contributes to the social and economic development of the countries and regions where the company is active and stimulates its employees to undertake volunteer activities to support and promote this.

1.5 Implementation and enforcement

Sit SteuerungsTechnik does everything that is appropriate and reasonable in order to continuously implement and apply the principles and values described in this CoC. Contract partners should be informed of the essential measures in respect of the above upon request and within the framework of reciprocity, so that it can be verified how compliance with them is fundamentally ensured. There is no right to the disclosure of any trade and business secrets, information relating to competition, or any other information worthy of protection.

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2. Appendix to the Code of Conduct

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