Control systems - all from one place

Everything from one place - that is our motto when it comes to control systems for baggage handling systems, goods distribution centres and package sorting systems. Our customers benefit from comprehensive solutions - from the technical and functional design of the control system through electrical design, control cabinet construction up to software development and commissioning. And obviously, when the system is up and running, we provide a seamless, all-round service and regular maintenance of our control systems.

Here our solutions are always tailored exactly to the specific requirements of the respective customer. At the same time we are constantly further developing our own standards using these solutions. In this way our customers have a double benefit: On the one hand they will have customised individual solutions and on the other hand these solutions are based on sophisticated standards that have been proven over and over again.


  • Planning and controlling projects
  • Monitoring the project progress in terms of time and costs
  • Agreement and communication with the customer
  • Coordination of the teams involved and definition of the interfaces to adjacent subsections

Electrotechnical layout

  • Creating and working on the electrotechnical layout
  • Internal company support for all e-layout issues
  • Compiling the construction site plans
  • Writing and providing electrotechnical documentation

Electrical construction

  • Compiling the wiring diagrams with EPLAN or ELCAD
  • Automatic generation of the wiring diagrams for control cabinet con-struction and electrical installation on site
  • Compiling testing and measuring logs in accordance with the respective standards in force

Electrical installation

  • Site management including material management and deadline monitoring
  • Installation of the control system and wiring the system
  • Testing the electrical installation in accordance with currently applicable standards

Control cabinet construction

  • Assembly of the control cabinets and wiring the components
  • Manufacturing the control cabinets either mass produced or custom made
  • Testing the control cabinets in accordance with currently applicable standards

PLC programming

  • Developing the PLC software with Siemens, Bosch or Beckhoff control units
  • Supervising complete customer projects – from compiling the design to commissioning
  • Inhouse commissioning on the virtual model (3D emulation)
  • On site commissioning and detailed coordination with the customers

System Visualisation

  • Creating control station visualisations for controlling and monitoring systems
  • Displaying the statistics data for analysing the system and diagnosing malfunctions
  • Coordinating, testing and commissioning the systems in collaboration with the PLC control team


  • Compiling project-specific operating instructions, manuals and training documents
  • Preparing and supplying full documentation
  • Internal company support for all documentation issues


  • 24/7 hotline service
  • Rapid problem solving due to worldwide online access to PLC controls and control station visualisation
  • Identifying and solving malfunctions and problems at customers’ premises all over the world
  • Regular on site maintenance

Your order is in safe hands with us. Throughout the whole project you will be supported by an accomplished, experienced project manager who will agree the control design with you, select components, define interfaces and clarify all other details.
Electrical construction
Our electrical designers compile the wiring diagrams for control cabinets and the electrical installation. In addition they define the testing and measuring protocols in accordance with currently applicable standards.
Control cabinet construction
Whether a mass produced product or custom-made, all control cabinets come from our own production department. In this way we ensure that assembly and wiring comply exactly with the specifications. And, of course, we test all cabinets in accordance with the specified standards.
Electrical installation
Our fitting teams install the control system and wire your system. Here site managers not only ensure the quality of the work. They also ensure that all components are available at the right time and your system can be brought into operation on the scheduled date.
Our programming team develops customised PLC software and the control panel display for your system. Before the software is installed on your system we test it with a virtual 3D emulation and thus ensure that everything will work properly in live mode too.
After installation we commission the system together with you. We test the individual functions and check whether everything is OK in terms of security. Obviously we continue to support you after commissioning the production process. For us, acceptance is only completed when performance and availability meet your requirements.
We compile full documentation of the control system including clear operating instructions. We also develop training documents specifically for your system and train your staff on site so that you can operate the system competently.
Service, Maintenance and Training
We are always here for you. Our engineers will service your system regularly and ensure that it works reliably. However, should a malfunction occur, our service staff are available round the clock. Using an online tool we have the opportunity to access any PLC controls and SCADA systems installed by us anywhere in the world and quickly remedy problems.